“THE TEMPEST – RETOLD ” Open Air Performances 28&29 July ’23 at Braye Bay

It’s Shakespeare – but not as you know it!!!

Hold on to your hats.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Charlotte Newton and Richard Matimong’s reworking of the Shakespearian tale of shipwrecked sailors and elemental spirits will certainly lift your coat tails.

The densely plotted storyline has been pared down to be more accessible, and – let’s face it – more fun than the stodgy old original. ((delivered in contemporary rather than Shakespearian language)

Following in the tradition set a few years ago when the Theatre Group put on Mama Mia, the play is full of humour, songs and all your local thespians lolloping about in silly costumes. What better way to while away a summer evening?

Directed by Charlotte, with musical direction and choreography by Alex Flewitt, this open air production at Braye Beach will set a new standard for outdoor theatre.

Whatever next? Lord of the Rings?

There will be two performances: Friday 28th and Saturday 29th July – both starting at 7:00pm. So come along on the day and enjoy yourselves on the bay.

It’s free – although donations are encouraged. and we hope the audience will give generously when fellow thespians will come around rattling their buckets.

The Alderney Theatre Group would like to thank the Braye Beach Hotel, Polygon and Linda Aldis for their much appreciated sponsorship contribution.  ENDS


TONY PROSPERO   Richard Matimong

The play’s protagonist and the rightful Duke of Milan. He can be seen as an authoritarian dictator or a beneficent ruler, never intending to injure even his enemies.


She is Prospero’s only child. She acts as a foil to Prospero’s more violent instincts but (in our play) she’s headstrong and knows her own mind.

CALIBAN   Lee Flewitt

He is a feral, sullen, disgusting creature. The son of the witch Sycorax he is the sole inhabitant of the island (excluding Ariel) until Prospero and his infant daughter Miranda are cast ashore.

ARIEL    Lucie Woodnutt

Ariel is a spirit who serves Prospero, who rescued her from the tree in which she was imprisoned by Sycorax, the witch who previously inhabited the island.


DON ALONSO    Moira Sleeman

He is the King of Naples and Ferdinand’s father. He was party to Prospero’s exile.  In some productions he is portrayed as weak but in our version he is head of the Mafia Mob.


He is the Prince of Naples and Don Alonso’s son.  He is a young chap blinded by love and happy in humble labours. He’s a goodie.

LUCKY LUCIANO    Lucie Watson

He is Don Alonso’s brother and very stupid. He is the foil to Gino Prospero.

FRANK GONZALO    Lesley Chapman

An honest and trusted advisor to Don Alonso. He has a good heart even though he is in The Mob. He’s a true nobleman.

GINO PROSPERO   Beverley Hope-Smith

Tony Prospero’s brother who usurped him of his kingdom. He is arrogant, cynical and a villain. He thinks he rules the roost.

VINNEY   Charlotte Newton

He is Don Alonso’s Mr Fix-It, who likes his drink!



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