Pink Floyd to Perform on Big Screen in the Island Hall

Alderney, 29 August 2023: Pink Floyd is one of the biggest names in popular music history.  Their songs formed the backdrop to the lives of a generation and continue to be played all over the world, and their concert performances added revolutionary visual effects to match their extraordinary music.

On Saturday 9 September, a film of their best live performances from several concerts will be shown in the Island Hall.  A specially created big screen and an exceptional sound system will allow the audience to once more experience the enormous creative talents that changed the world of rock music, with the images, lighting effects and emotion-evoking songs set to the Floyd’s solid rock rhythms.  The songs featured include classics such as “Shine on You Crazy Diamond”,  “Money”,  “Another Brick in the Wall”,  “Wish you Were Here” and “Comfortably Numb”.

The production has been assembled by Alderney resident Michael Turner, a keen Pink Floyd fan. “The evening will recreate some of the feeling of their legendary New York and London concert performances.  The audience will be transported to a world of intricate melodies, poetic lyrics, and mind-bending visuals that defined an era “, commented Michael. “Before the main film while the audience is enjoying some food and drink there will be short films of people playing, listening to, and reacting to some of the Floyd songs featured in the main film.  This very special event is in support of Mind Alderney and is hosted by the Alderney Theatre Group so we look forward to a great turnout on the night.”

He added:  “Don’t miss this chance to witness some of the live performances of one of the most influential bands in music history.  Or just come for an evening of spectacular music, and good food and drink!”

This will be a night to remember. Doors open at 6:45 and the series of short films starts at 7pm, followed by the main film at 8pm which will includes an intermission. The audience will be able to treat themselves to drinks from the bar and food from the Georgian Box stationed at the Island Hall throughout the evening and the intermission.

Tickets £15 are now on sale at the Georgian House or can be reserved by email to  and, subject to availability, at the door on the night.

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