2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the Alderney Theatre Group and we intend to celebrate this magnificent milestone with several special and exciting productions and celebrity guest performers. All will be announced on this page as soon as they are confirmed.

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20 September 8:00pm- Island Hall : KING LEAR by Oddbodies

LEAR: ‘Dost though call me Fool boy?”

FOOL: “All thy other titles has though given away…!”

This is Shakespeare, but not as you know it!

Adapted and performed by Paul Morel and directed by John Mowat with all of Oddbodies’ trademark physical ingenuity and visual flair, this is an inventive, irreverent and highly accessible take on one of Shakespeare’s most brilliant plays.

Armed with only a drum, a guitar, a knife and a chair, the tragic trajectory of Lear’s demise is presented to you from the point of view of his long suffering and ever-loyal fool.

The bastard Edmund, haughty Goneril, poor deluded Gloucester, oily Oswald, sweet Cordelia, mad Tom – all the characters from this sad and sorry tale brought to glorious life before your very eyes!

Blindness, betrayal, delusion, deceit, love, loyalty, lust and greed –it’s all here in this fast paced, funny, poignant and ultimately heart-breaking production.

Oddbodies is the Company behind such highly acclaimed shows as the two-handed Richard II.

The event will take place in the Island Hall. Doors & Bar open 7:15pm. Tickets £15 (£7 age 11-16)  will go on sale at Shirley’s in Victoria Street  from 16 August:  If you are not on the island, please email to reserve tickets.

Just read these reviews below and you know you don’t want to miss this performance!

To find out more about the play and Oddbodies, click here

4 October 2019 8:00pm -Island Hall: Sunny Ormonde – “LILIAN BELLAMY OF THE ARCHERS”

Sunny has been playing the “outrageous and raunchy Lilian Bellamy” in Radio 4’s The Archers for the past 14 years and has become one of the listener’s most favourite characters! Her antics have kept the nation gripped and entertained, whether it be riding round Ambridge on a Harley Davidson, drinking the Bull and  Cider shed dry with Eddie Grundy, absconding to Costa Rica with her beloved and very wicked Tiger or recklessly kicking off her sling-backs and leaping into bed with Tigers brother Paul- Oh the repercussions!!!

In this show Sunny will fill you in on all the behind the scenes stories about the World’s longest-running soap opera: an evening of anecdotes, banter, and favourite pieces from Sunny’s long and distinguished acting career- humorous and touching in turn.

PLUS a question and answer session with the audience about the making of the Archers- now in its 64th year.      Where did that laugh come from?   Did Victoria Wood really pull a pint in the Bull?  How big are Tom’s sausages?

And last but not least –A prize for the most original Archers question!!!

“Sunny dances in and out of Lilian’s character with ease, but also with Drama….Shirley Valentine…..Under Milk Wood……stories and anecdotes galore…….an evening to remember!”

You don’t have to be an Archers listener to enjoy this highly entertaining evening!  

There is something for everyone!

Tickets £17 (£8 age 11-16)  on sale at Shirley’s in Victoria Street.  If you are not on the island, please email to reserve tickets.

For more information click here

November: another fun event to cheer you up

November doesn’t have to be dull and grey. It can be a fun month and we’re working on it.

More will be revealed soon on this page. Thank you for your patience!

December – dates tbc: Old Time Music Hall

We”re working on this to coincide with the Homecoming Day celebrations. It will be a very entertaining show. More details will be confirmed as soon as finalised. Meanwhile, thank you for your patience!